Tabea Meusch from Delbrueck, Germany

Tabea Meusch2

So far Tabea Meusch is the youngest taltent I've worked with. At the age of 5 she learned to play the flute and two years later she started playing the piano. For her young age she has a sensational voice. In 5th grade she played a leading roll in a school musical. She performs live in Germany on a regular basis in three different bands singing and playing the piano. Tabea has huge potential and I'm pretty sure we will soon hear her on the radio. I enjoy working with her because she always has very cool ideas when it come to interpreting a song.


  I Wish He Was You

  Every Time (feat. Andrew Gold and Tabea Meusch)

  The Girl From Yesterday

  I Didn't Notice

  Nothing Is Easy

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