Gary E. Andrews from Ohio

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Gary E. Andrews is a singer/songwriter from Portsmouth, Ohio. He says, "As a Songwriter, YOU are the first listener. You should be hooked the same way you hope other listeners will be." Andrews writes whatever kind of song comes to him, saying, "If it hooks me, no matter what genre, I try to write it. A song is a song, a lyric with a storyline, and a melody." He says, "There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?" A sampling of his eclectic works can be read and heard on

I met Gary at We first teamed up on a song called „A Heart Like Mine“ where he helped me with the key lines of the lyrics. Later we wrote „How I Know“ together. In that song Gary contributed the complete lyrics. I love his professional attitude and I enjoy working with him.


  A Heart Like Mine (feat. Alina Potthoff)

  How I Know (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)

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