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For songwriters who don´t sing or perform it is extremely hard to make one´s mark in the music business because they don´t have a platform to present and promote their work. This is more or less the situation that I, Robert Baitinger, a songwriter from Germany, have been confronted with since I started writing songs in 1978. 

My idea is to complement my songwriting capabilities with the "helping hands" of excellent artists and innovative producers. In the age of the internet it has become easier to communicate and collaborate with musicians and producers all over the world. I am utilizing the internet and pursuing the idea of a conceptional studio band with a frequently changing lineup of artists. I call this project the "Rob B. Project" since I supply the melodies and/or lyrics of a song and other musicians/producers/songwriters contribute their talents and skills to make it come to life. 


The "Rob B. Project" started when I met my pop/rock idol Andrew Gold in L.A. in 2004 and we recorded and produced a song I had written in 1987 called "Did You Get What You Want". For me the encounter was a dream come true, once in a lifetime experience and the events that followed and the success of my first single were not foreseeable and very motivating.

Since then I've been collaborating with many music talents from all over the world, hoping that someday soon my songs will get played on radio stations. What started as the realization of a lifetime dream for me has evolved to become serious business. Check out my samples & videos page on this site to see and hear what I've been up to these past couple of years. 

If you are looking for a songwriter, lyricist or producer, don't hesitate to contact me.

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