About me

I was born on May 3, 1960 in Panama City, Florida. I grew up in Florida, Illinois and Indiana. In 1973 I followed my parents to Germany.


At the age of 8 my mother taught me to play keyboards. I discovered my passion for songwriting in 1978. Since then I have written over 300 songs that have not been released yet. In February, 2004 I wanted to find out what my songs would sound like when professionally produced and recorded. For this project I teamed up with Andrew Gold in QBRAIN Studios near Hollywood. "Did You Get What You Want" was my first single.

In the meantime I founded my own record label called RCB Music and in 2005 I released my single at well-known internet music portals worldwide such as iTunes, AOL, Musicload.de, etc.

In 2006 both Andrew and I met again to produce new songs that I had written for the project.

Since then I have collaborated with many talented people from around the world and we jointly wrote and produced excellent songs.  I write lyrics for existing tunes, create melodies for backing tracks, write music for existing lyrics and produce tracks in my home studio. If you're interested in samples or video clips of my songs, just check out the Samples & videos section.

© Robert Baitinger 2015