Sören Skarback from Sweden


Sören Skarback is from Sweden. Between 1975 and 1981 he collaborated often with Lars E. Carlsson and together they had some top 10 chart hits in Sweden. As a songwriter, Sören has his name on record labels like EMI, Columbia, RCA, Decca, Mariann, T-Bone (Norway) etc.

The death of his girlfriend threw him off track and he sidelined songwriting for more than 3 decades. His musical past caught up with him again when one of his old hits entered the Top 10 in Denmark again in 2015.

I co-wrote “Gone With The Wind” together with Sören and I’m looking forward to writing more songs with him in the future.


   Gone With The Wind (ESC 2018 song)

   Love Lies In Ambush

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