Julian Bromm from Kiel, Germany

Day One Julian2

Julian Bromm (also known as E-Motion-L) is a gifted sound engineer and music producer from northern Germany. He has been working in the music industry as a songwriter, rapper and producer for over a decade and he collaborates with artists and other music talents on a global basis. In July 2015 Julian released his first album entitled “Day One”. The album contains 13 excellently produced pop / rap songs, all written by Julian himself. The songs on the album were sung by John Michael. Julian and John have collaborated on over 100 songs since 2008. Julian says: “It was important to me to create a very melodic album, appealing and edgy in terms of the songwriting and production. Even though the songs cover sad and thought-provoking topics, one can find a positive message and encouragement in all of them.” I enjoyed helping Julian write “Save The Nature”, a track that made it on his album. I would love to work with him again in the future.


  Save The Nature (feat. John Michael)  

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Save The Nature



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