Ray Bertram from Arkansas


One of my favorite music partners is Ray Bertram, an extremely talented songwriter from Arkansas. I met Ray in one of the internet's songwriter forums. I picked up one of his lyrics there and wrote the appropriate music for the song. In a later project Ray wrote the lyrics for one of my instrumental tracks. Ray and I have become good friends and I have lost track of the number of songs that we have written together. Lately we have been teaming up to write lyrics for other songwriters around the world. It looks as if this will become a long-lasting songwriting collaboration.


   Cowboy Law (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)

   In The Blink Of An Eye (feat. LeeAndrew Bray)

  It's About Me (feat. Kayla Williams)

  Ordinary Man (feat. Donovan Plant)

  As Long As I (feat. Antony Wolfson)


  Please (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  The Son Of Superman

  Hot Dog

  No Worries (feat. Donovan Plant)

  On A Cold Chicago Day (feat. Donovan Plant & Cathy Wilson)

  If I Go First

  I Still See You There (feat. Theresa Bertram)

  As Time Goes By

  Twenty-Five Years Ago

  Hold On (feat. Donovan Plant)

  Fingers Crossed I Swear

  Redneck Country Party (feat. Vince Denimarck)

  Cherry Tattoo (feat. Donovan Plant)

  My Name Is Clyde

  The Worst Day Of His Life

  I Can Take The Flames

  A Mid Winter's Dream (feat. Vince Denimarck)

  Come Back Home (feat. Cathy Wilson)

Video clips:

Son Of Superman

Ordinary Man (acoustic version)

Ordinary Man (punk rock version)


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