Markus Lammarsch from Rheinzabern, Germany


Markus Lammarsch is a very gifted guitar player. Since many years he has been a member of a big show band. We got in contact during the "Book of Love" project that we were jointly involved in in early 2012. Just recently Markus started focusing on songwriting and producing. He asked me if I knew someone who could sing a song called "If Only" that he he had written and was producing. I introduced him to Chantal Schramm and I assisted both of them with the vocal recording work. This was the most complex vocal recording work I have ever been in volved in so far. Later we recorded 3 songs for Elisa's album "about you" together. Markus has awesome talents.


   If Only (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  You're No Good (feat. Elisa) 

  Don't Look Back (feat. Elisa) 

  I Need You Now (feat. Elisa)

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