Chantal Schramm from Delbrueck, Germany


Chantal Schramm is a young vocalist from Germany who made her first studio appearance with me in 2011. Later in 2011 she worked in the studios of Niteflite Music in Siegen, Germany. Chantal was one of the featured vocalists on the "Book of Love" concept album, released in 2012. She is extremely talented and she has a very unique voice. Quite often Chantal is being booked for projects in English and German. I think we will hear a lot more from her in the future. I enjoy working with her and I hope we can continue to work together in the future.


  Just One Kiss

  I Don't Wanna Let You Go

  Happy Birthday


  Believe Me

  Every Time I See You

  Bring A Smile To Someone's Face

  Can You See (duet with Guido Lambers)

  Love Free

  Diving In



Video clips:

Can You See - unplugged

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