Ian Jenkins from Manchester

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Ian Jenkins has been a musician most of his life - in fact he began playing on his Grandfather's linoleum at a very early age...

Playing keyboards and singing in a variety of bands, during which he appeared on the same bills as many top names including Jools Holland and his R 'n' B Orchestra, Edwin Starr, the Real Thing and Russell Watson, he continued his musical career until they eventually found out where the noise was coming from. Ian is currently the keyboard player with The Matchstalk Men, featuring Brian and Michael of 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs' fame.

Having branched out into acting in later life, Ian has made many appearances on both the small and large screens in everything from soaps to international movie releases, specialising in the very challenging 'back-of-head' shot or the equally difficult 'chap-in-the-distance' role.

So he sings a bit, plays a bit, writes a bit and acts a bit. He’s a very talented guy.


  Hello Heartbreak

  Postcards of Yesterday

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