Fabian Goerg from Siegen, Germany


Fabian Görg is a talented, young songwriter/producer/musician and the founder of Niteflite Music & Entertainment, a full-service music agency in Germany. Fabian started his musical career as a drummer in different bands. He plays drums and piano and he has Big Band experience and amazing music production talents. Fabian has taught me to explore new music genres. Because of his high level of professionalism I always enjoy working with him.

Our song "Tonight Tonight" won in the "Song Of The Year" international songwriting contest in 2011.


  Just One Kiss (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  I Don't Wanna Let You Go (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  I Need You Now (feat. Elisa) 

  Don't Look Back (feat. Elisa) 

  You're No Good (feat. Elisa)

  -    Tonight Tonight

  -    No More Sorrow 

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