Donovan Plant from San Francisco


Donovan Plant is a talented singer / songwriter / producer from the San Francisco. Bay area who started playing the guitar at the age of 12. After cutting his teeth playing San Francisco's north beach club circuit for years, Donovan has found his groove as a songwriter. He blends rock, country and folk influences to achieve a uniquely sentimental sound.  His vocals have an extremely high recognition value. We have several ongoing projects at the moment and I enjoy collaborating with Donovan.


  Hold On

  Ordinary Man (acoustic version)

  On A Cold Chicago Day (feat Donovan & Cathy Wilson)

  Ordinary Man (punk rock version)

  Cherry Tattoo

  No Worries

  As Long As I (feat. Donovan on the acoustic guitar)

Video clips:

Ordinary Man (punk rock version)

Ordinary Man (acoustic version)

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