Tara-Lynn Sharrock from Australia

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Tara-Lynn Sharrock was born in South Africa and at the age of 5 she moved to Australia. As a teenager she spent a few years in North Carolina where she fell in love with country music. In 2011 she became well-known due to a stunning perfomance in the casting show X-Factor Australia. Tara-Lynn has been singing almost all her life and she’s also learned to arrange and record amazing vocal harmonies. As a vocalist she can sing almost anything and she covers a wide range of music genres. She currently works as a freelance artist and lives near Melbourne, Australia.

Together with Gary E. Andrews I wrote „How I Know“ specifically for Tara-Lynn. That song was produced by Bastian Knochel from logischdenker Records. Tara-Lynn also sang „Cowboy Law“, a song I wrote together with a very gifted blind lyricist named Ray Bertram. That song was produced by Bernd Oettinger. She also contributed the vocals for a song I wrote for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC 2018). For all the songs we did together she recorded all the vocal tracks herself and also created the vocal arrangements.

On our latest track „Go Back Home“, Tara-Lynn co-wrote the lyrics with me which shows that she cannot only sing but also has awesome songwriting talents.

I really enjoyed working together with Tara-Lynn and the other talented people involved in these projects and I hope these songs will help her kick-start her career as a vocalist. Hopefully we can work together again in the near future.


   Gone With The Wind (ESC 2018 song)

   Go Back Home

   February Heartache

   The Girl From Yesterday

   How I Know

   Cowboy Law

   Cowboy Law (piano version)

Video clips:

Cowboy Law

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