Tara-Lynn Sharrock from Australia

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Tara-Lynn Sharrock was born in South Africa and at the age of 5 she moved to Australia. As a teenager she spent a few years in North Carolina where she fell in love with country music. In 2011 she became well-known due to a stunning perfomance in the casting show X-Factor Australia. Tara-Lynn has been singing almost all her life and she’s also learned to arrange and record amazing vocal harmonies. As a vocalist she can sing almost anything and she covers a wide range of music genres. She currently works as a freelance artist and lives near Melbourne, Australia.

Together with Gary E. Andrews I wrote „How I Know“ specifically for Tara-Lynn. That song was produced by Bastian Knochel from logischdenker Records. Tara-Lynn also sang „Cowboy Law“, a song I wrote together with a very gifted blind lyricist named Ray Bertram. That song was produced by Bernd Oettinger. She also contributed the vocals for a song I wrote for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC 2018). For all the songs we did together she recorded all the vocal tracks herself and also created the vocal arrangements.

I really enjoyed working together with Tara-Lynn and the other talented people involved in these projects and I hope these songs will help her kick-start her career as a vocalist. Hopefully we can work together again in the near future.


   Gone With The Wind (ESC 2018 song)

   February Heartache

   The Girl From Yesterday

   How I Know

   Cowboy Law

   Cowboy Law (piano version)

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