Mircea Cioclei from Romania

 MG 7861

Mircea Cioclei is a very talented 30 year old singer from Romania. At the ag of 7 he started singing as a tenor in a local choir. Later he sang in the "Valurile Dunarii" choir, toured through Holland, Belgium and Austria and recorded 2 albums. When he turned 15 he founded his first band called "Presto". He plays the mandoline and the mandola. He recently recorded a song of mine called "Every Time I See You" together with Krystal Mills. They entered the song in the European Song Contest 2014 in Romania. I wish him lots of luck and hope he is successful. I really enjoyed working with Mircea. He is so kind and works very hard to give the producer what he wants. I hope we can work together again in the near future.


   My Last Song (feat. Mircea Cioclei) 

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