Latrena Wright from Missouri


Latrena Wright comes from a musically inclined family: Mom a singer, dad a singer and gospel promoter, sister a singer, brother a producer and dancer. Writing has been her passion since the age of 14. She wrote her very first song with the late Dre Watson. So far she has worked for two independent labels and many local artists in Missouri. Currently she is managing an artist by the name of Cha’nele who has released an EP. Latrena’s songs are getting radio airplay.


I helped her produce a few of her demos by creating vocal arrangements and recording vocal tracks with some of my favorite local vocalists.



  I Didn't Notice (feat. Tabea Meusch)

  Love Free (feat. Chantal Schramm)

  Moving On (feat. Alina Potthoff)

  Nothing Is Easy (feat. Tabea Meusch)

  Diving In (feat. Chantal Schramm)

Video clips:

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