Bastian Knochel from Speyer, Germany


Bastian Knochel is the owner of logischdenker Sound Studio and the associated label logischdenker Records. Over the past years he played an active role in various bands and he currently plays keyboards and bass in a heavy metal band called “Steelfire”. Bastian is a certified HOFA audio engineer and one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with. If you ever need a good producer don’t hesitate to contact him. I recently worked with Bastian on a charity album called “Book of Love” and the songs “Can You See” and “Love Is A Gift” resulted out of that collaboration. I’m looking forward to our next songs.


  Can You See (feat. Chantal Schramm / Guido Lambers)

  Love Is A Gift (feat. Chantal Schramm/Guido Lambers/Simone Brecht/Peter Maerz)

  I Cry (feat. Elisa)

  Let Me Run (feat. Elisa)

  Every Time I See You (feat. Krystal Mills & Micea Cioclei)

   How I Know (feat. Tara-Lynn Sharrock)

Video clips:

Let Me Run

I Cry

Every Time I See You

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